Plumber Unknowingly Takes on Disney Frozen’s “Let it Go” and Crushes It!

Plumber Unknowingly Takes on Disney Frozen’s “Let it Go” and Crushes It!


When you challenge your team daily to be their best at everything they do, preach to get uncomfortable for amazing growth, you better bring it yourself.  I was challenged before I left for vacation to do something that took me out of my comfort zone. So after a few days in Mexico I was struggling what that would be.  But, when one of my son’s raised my hand for me to go up in a contest before a nightly entertainment act of professional lip sync artists, everything changed.

I had no idea, what the contest was, just that I was now up on stage nervous in front of a few hundred people with 1 other man, and a woman.  The host explained we would perform live in front of the crowd and have no idea of the song until it was our turn. Best performance voted by the crowd won.  

I realized after watching a rough performance of Elvis, that I was in my challenge or comfort zone and I didn’t even get to choose it.  Next, went the lady who did a really fantastic job at Taylor Swift. I figured she had this in the bank, and then my competitive edge starting to rise through the nerves as I got called up.  The host leaned in and said, “Do something weird if you want to win this…” I had no idea what to do with that advice, so I stood there as the music started and had no idea what song it was. Then as I started to recognize the tune, my other son yelled out “Frozen Daddy, it’s from Frozen!”  Then I heard some guy yell out, “This guy has to be Elsa!” (insert his laughing here)

In that moment, I decided, yes let’s have fun with this and Be Elsa!  You see, we have choices in life and sometimes just letting go of what people will think, letting go of fear, letting go of the safe route, allows us to go beyond to new heights.

In the end, I crushed it according to the few hundred massive cheers I got and unanimously won my $5 T-Shirt.  More importantly I taught myself and my kids how to have fun with all situations, even if they feel awkward and tough.

I spent the remainder of my week having people come up and congratulate me on my performance, as it was full of fun, spirit and passion to do my best.  I’m not expecting Disney to knock down my door, but I am so thankful my son lifted my arm that night. I highly recommend the next time your feelings of embarrassment come out or fear of trying anything, Let It Go….

PS – Even more out of my comfort zone to put this online and share it, hope you enjoy! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

The Aquality Granola Project

The Aquality Granola Project

e91109fc-c180-4ebc-bafd-1e93d44fad5f The Aquality Granola Project

Did you know that Aquality Plumbing & Heating Vans are equipped with Granola Bars to help people we come across throughout our days on the roads?  If an Aquality Tech sees someone in need, they offer a Granola Bar from their van. It is that simple, as we have all been through hard times in our lives, and offering loving kindness with a healthy snack is a small step in being a part of our community here in Calgary.

Growing up I recall seeing people at stop lights and watching as almost nobody would roll their window down, to the point where they look down or away so they wouldn’t make eye contact with the person outside.  It hit me hard in the winter growing up in Winnipeg.

There were people who would roll their windows down, those few would offer money in most cases.  I recall listening to my Dad frustrated by the fact, these people would most likely use the money for drugs or abuse in someway, and giving money was not going to help most of the people looking into the cars.

In the past couple years, I know many people who have lost their jobs due to poor economy and the struggles in the oil industry.  Some of them who were six figure salaries, could easily have lost their homes, family, and been on the street. They were not necessarily the stereotype I was taught.  In fact, even the people from my childhood may not have been the stereotype many of us place. It simply isn’t fair or just to ever assume anything about another person.

And if there is truth to what my father had said, then we are not helping some of these people by giving money, as we are feeding a habit I would not condone.  And in that statement was the answer for me, “Feeding” was the key. We all need food, no matter what, in good times and bad, we all need nourishment.

So after some pondering, and the next time I was at Southland and Macleod, I rolled down my window for the first time in my life.  I said Hello, and offered up a smile, one that I hope projected hope. And then I received the warmest smile back from a fellow human being.  I then looked in my truck and found a Granola Bar I had, and gave it to the man. He lit up with excitement, and was more grateful than most people I meet daily.  

Selfishly, I felt amazing, as perhaps there is no true act of selflessness.  I also felt that this feeling should be felt by others and I started by explaining to my kids what had happened.  This led to weeks of my kids loading up a special bag that lives in my truck, and being on the lookout for people in need.  And if traffic allows, we give out Granola Bars to those who are needing a little something, and even more important we do it with a big smile to offer hope.

Once you do something that feels good and right I believe you have to spread the word.  So I did that with my kids, and then I started the program with all the Aquality Vans about 5 months ago.  Now I am telling you. So whether you join our family and use our services, or already have for years, consider giving to those people on our streets, even if it is just a granola bar with a smile.

Why You Should Have A Water Softener In Your Home

Why You Should Have A Water Softener In Your Home

Calgary, do you really need a water softener?  

Well, when it comes to safety, the answer in our opinion is no.  BUT, for many other health and proactive reasons, it is a definite YES!  Confused? Let us explain by some facts:

  1. Hard Water makes many people’s skin irritated and dry.
  2. Hard Water leaves deposits in piping.
  3. Hard Water scales on fixture surfaces.
  4. Hard Water plugs fixtures and appliances.
  5. Hard Water leaves a white film on glass.

And it is a resounding fact that Calgary indeed has hard water.  How do we know this? It is easy to determine with a simple test.  Even our amazing City posts the results for the public on their website.  Some of you may not know that it is different for North Calgary then South.  Either way, you have hard water with the Northside slightly less than in the South.  What is also interesting is looking at the times of year the water is harder than others.  Each year we see spikes for approximately 4 months through our winter season.


Bearspaw Treatment Plant Effluent Water Hardness (mg CaCO3) for 2017

Monthmg/L CaCO 3grains/gallon


Glenmore Treatment Plant Effluent Water Hardness (mg CaCO3) for 2017

Month​mg/L CaCO 3grains/gallon

So now that you know the facts, how can improve your situation by protecting your home and your skin all at the same time.  As a bonus you will use less soap to do dishes, in your washing machine, and be protecting expensive appliances and your water heater.  Did you know if you have a tankless water heater you are voiding the manufacturer’s warranty if you do not have a hardness level below their stated levels (Yup, Calgary is way above those levels).

Installing a true water softener is the key to ensure you are getting the soft water you want.  There are alternative’s and unfortunately most do not hold up to expectation. If you do want an alternative we suggest a unit utilizing a time-release citrus filter.  This will limit scale but will not be effective in turning water from hard to soft. The reason a water softener is able to do this magic trick is because it is performing a true ion exchange. Water Softener’s, that use salt, exchange calcium and magnesium (which makes the water hard) for sodium ions.  And voila! You have soft water. It is able to do this repeated times through a regeneration of its resin bed.

Our units are High Efficient and use almost no more electricity than a plug in clock.  They also last a long time! The cabinet and tank are even a Lifetime Warranty. With it’s upflow design it has by far the most efficient regeneration on the market, as well as a cool municipal feature which creates less regeneration required.  It even recognizes if you left town and have not been using it, so again no regeneration is need, but will keep fluid in the brine to ensure bridging and other common issues do not occur with your unit.

So, now you have the details and facts and you may decide you are just fine without a water softener.  And hey, that is totally cool with us. BUT, if you realize there is a better life for your skin and home just around the corner, give us a call at 403-205-2782 or reach out at  We would be happy to discuss this further.

By the way, if you made it to here, you get the best part.  At the Calgary Fall Home Show, we have a Super Special on for $500 off our regular pricing.  Just come by our booth, #441, and say Hi and we can book you in right there. And don’t forget to fill out a draw card too as someone is going to win a free unit installed valued at $1795.00!  This is by far the best price we have ever done for these units, and we pulled favors to make this possible, so take advantage.

Myth Buster: The Toilet Leak Dye-Test Doesn’t Work!

Myth Buster: The Toilet Leak Dye-Test Doesn’t Work!

Toilet-768x512 Myth Buster: The Toilet Leak Dye-Test Doesn't Work!

Toilet leaks may be an easy repair but sometimes detecting a leak can be the biggest part of the challenge, especially if it’s a silent leak. 

Don’t be alarmed – there are many ways for you to check to see if your toilet is leaking, but the classic ‘leaking toilet dye-test’ isn’t one of them! In case you’ve forgotten the details, the leaking toilet test, is where you drop a few drops of food colouring or dye into the tank of your toilet, and wait a few moments to see if coloured water seeps or leaks down into your toilet bowl. It may sound pretty straightforward and foolproof, however it doesn’t always produce results you can count on! 

When performing the test, we often found the dye would still leak into the toilet bowl, but it wasn’t necessarily because a leak was presentWhat most people don’t know is dye can still leak into your toilet bowl due to the differences of viscosity in the liquids and dyes. After performing the test, it might tell you that you have a leaking toilet, when you really do not!

If you want to diagnose a leaking toilet, here are a few of my insider tips and tricks you can try yourself:

1) Place your ear to the toilet tank after you’ve flushed.  Continue to listen for a minute or two after the toilet has stopped filling. If the leak isn’t silent, you will be able to hear if water is still running. If you can still hear water running, it means you’ve most likely detected a leak.

2) After you’ve flushed, wait a few moments and then look into the toilet bowl. If you can still see water movement filling from the tank minutes later, you’ve most definitely spotted a leak.

3) If you can hear your toilet filling when no one has recently used itit probably means you have a broken fill valve. This is known as the famous ‘Ghost Fill’.

Before you let your water bill double, give these tips a try to detect a leak right away. If you suspect you have a leaking toilet, contact us for a professional toilet check.

~David, Owner, Aquality Plumbing & Heating

Garburator or Compost?

Garburator or Compost?

Garburator-768x512 Garburator or Compost? Garburator_web Garburator or Compost?

Ever wonder why you should compost if you already have a garburator? Doesn’t it all eventually end up back in mother earth anyway?

Kitchen waste is a major part of composting and once we own a garburator, we become conditioned to scrape plates and put everything we can down our garburator in our sink. This is still the best thing to do, right!?

At Aquality Plumbing & Heating, we want you to reconsider using your garburator for kitchen scraps! Please start composting and give your garburator a break.

Why would we suggest you compost instead of using a garburator?

Maybe you are surprised that a business that sells and installs garburators is pushing for composting, but to us, it makes complete sense. Aquality Plumbing & Heating is built on honesty and providing services for Calgarians that they actually really need. We are about being helpful – not for selling products if they won’t benefit you and make your life better.

Garburators have a place and as an owner of one in my home I see the value. In the past, I used my garburator to get rid of plate scraps and then cut up lemon or lime to keep the smell down as that kills bacteria from forming. (That’s a helpful tip for you Garb-people out there!). I also “flush” the kitchen sink once a week to keep it healthy. (Learn more about Sink Maintenance.)

Our home plumbing systems are not actually designed to have so much food debris running through them. In addition, the City’s water systems then have to work extra hard to screen this same debris out before it is processed back into our river system.

Can My Compost Bin Really Handle All Our Table Scraps?

With the City of Calgary having compost bins available, we finally have the best of both worlds. I no longer put table scraps into my sink even though I have a garburator. I get everything I can, even yogurt, into the compost as I know it will break down and create a sustainable fertilizer that will be used for so much good around the city!

In addition, I feel good knowing this saves space in our landfills: food waste is 50% of our current garbage!

Use Your Own Compost

Hey, you can even be selfish and compost at home and keep the goods for yourself and your yard! In the end, I am proud to say that my drains run clear which means I avoid a potentially costly service call for an augur service, that many garburator users and abusers will incur.

Compost. Not Garburator.

The truth is, we see a ton of people abuse their garburator by using it for items that it cannot fully break down. We even see people prepping for large meals and putting everything down the drain. To save yourself money in the long run and avoid the annoyance of a plugged line, put that food waste in the compost! It is smart and super easy!

What Should a Garburator be Used For?

In the end, I still have and use my garburator almost everyday for the little items that find a way in the sink. This ensures my drain stays clear. I just no longer use it to rid myself of all the food waste we produce in our home. Composting is designed to deal with all this material in the best way possible, our piping systems are not.
~ David H., Owner, Aquality Plumbing & Heating

Still not convinced?
Check out these compelling reasons to compost, as listed by our awesome City of Calgary!