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Small Business Heating Specialists.

Commercial Heating Services

Why do other small businesses use Aquality Plumbing & Heating?

We do an incredible job taking care of small businesses such as food services (a few Tim Horton’s locations), car dealerships (Centaur Subaru, Mercedes-Benz Downtown, Hyatt Infiniti, Northland Volkswagen, Fish Creek Nissan, Hyatt Mitsubishi, Calgary and Crowfoot Hyundai), schools (West Island College, Calgary Jewish Academy) and more. We pay extra attention to the budget and give clients very prompt, skilled and honest service. Most of our clients would say we are “their guy” that they call no matter what and they trust us to provide speedy, quality service that respects the bottom line.

What kind of organizations do we service?

Our pricing, integrity and communication are perfectly suited to help small businesses, schools, community organizations, government buildings, medical facilities, academic institutions, condominium complexes, small shopping plazas, religious facilities and rental units.  We are fully trained in all elements of plumbing and heating and can tailor our repairs and installations to match the unique requirements of your building, no matter how new or old it is.

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What Clients Say About Us

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“Aquality Plumbing has been our primary supplier for well over a decade. I have used their services for personal projects as well as commercial repairs and maintenance. David and his team have always been exceptional. The level of service has been the highest of quality. I have recommended Aquality to over a dozen friends and associates who have also been completely satisfied. I call on them for any project big or small. I have used them for plumbing and heating issues over the years and they are professional and customer focused. Over the past decade they have done work for me at: Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary, Hyatt Investments, Hyatt Auto Sales and Leasing, Northland Volkswagen, Fish Creek Nissan, Hyatt Infiniti, Hyatt Mitsubishi, Calgary Hyundai, Crowfoot Hyundai, Canada Car Shop. I recommend David and the team at Aquality all the time and will continue to call on them.”
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- Perry Itzcovitch, Mercedes-Benz Downtown Calgary

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 “Aquality Plumbing & Heating Inc. has been involved with the school’s plumbing needs for a number of years.  As this is an older structure it presents special challenges at times.  The team members who have been here have been most helpful in problem solving and offering preventative measures.  Also, they have stood behind their work if any reoccurring issues have come up.  Overall, the response time, result, and costing have helped keep the school within its plumbing maintenance budget and schedule.”

- Doug B., Operations Manager, Calgary Jewish Academy

Our Pricing

At Aquality, it is a core belief of ours that you should only pay for what you need and receive so our fees are charged based on the actual work we do. We do not upsell nor work on commission like many other companies in Calgary do. We do not charge a dispatch fee. We are happy to come out and do a free quote for projects when requested.

Aquality Plumbing & Heating

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Customer Loyalty Discount

No Dispatch Fee. No Commission Sales. Honest Pricing.

LABOUR DISCOUNT based on repeat business*.

This includes single customers and property owners.

1st Time use - Regular Rates applied

2nd Time use - 5% Labour Discount applied to invoice.

3rd Time use - 10% Labour Discount for remainder of the year if service required.

More Details

*Discount based on the calendar year and is reset each January 1st.

Property Managers with 10 or more properties are eligible for special pricing to be assessed and set by David Hornstein only.  Must have proof of ownership of all properties and do a minimum of 3 calls prior to pricing being put in effect.

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Clear Price

We only charge you for what you need. Core to our beliefs, you can count on Aquality for honest pricing. No dispatch fees. No commissions. We only charge for the time we spent, not for a worst case scenario price like many other plumbing companies.
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We are a “people company” with a core belief in open communication. We happen to also be very good at plumbing and heating.
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Trained Experts

Quality service is the backbone to what we do. All of our technicians are experts and will ensure your plumbing and heating is done properly so you can enjoy your home knowing that the work we did was a quality job.
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Aquality team members treat your home and budget as if it was their own. Our customers count on us to do the right thing every time. We stand by our work and by our word.
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More Services

We handle all your plumbing and heating needs for home and business.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-sink-repair-maintenance Commercial Heating Services

Tub and Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink or tub not draining won’t drain? We unclog or repair your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or any drain line.

Sump-Pump Commercial Heating Services

Sump Pumps

Leaky basement? Install a sump pump to prevent water in your basement. We can install, repair or maintain your sump pump.

aquality-plumbing-toilet-repair Commercial Heating Services

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

We can help you repair your toilet and if it needs to be replaced, we can help you get a new toilet installed.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-plumbing-repair Commercial Heating Services

Bathroom Renovations

Get trusted professionals to assist in your bathoom renovation.

City-Wide Service Available. 24/7 Emergency Service

Serving Calgary since 2004

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