No Dispatch Fee. No Commission Sales. Honest Pricing.

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Our Price Guarantee

No Dispatch Fee. No Commission Sales. Honest Pricing.

Did you know… that many plumbing companies in Calgary bonus their plumbers on commission sales which means that when plumbers visit your home, they are trying to sell you stuff you don’t need?

Aquality’s technicians are honest, good communicators and full of integrity. We are proud to say we only charge you for what you need.

Also, most plumbing companies in Calgary charge you a set price for a job, that is based on a worst-case scenario pricing for doing that type of job. So if your particular job gets completed faster than the average time required for that task, you will over-pay for the amount of time it actually took the plumber to do the work!

This is so against what David, the Owner, believes in, that you can be assured this will never happen to you with Aquality Plumbing & Heating.

It’s important to us at Aquality that we only charge you for what you need and received. This is how our pricing works:

Plumbing and Heating Labour

$245 for First Hour

$45 per additional 15 Minutes

Our system ensures that you pay for what you actually need. It includes our travel to your place, work being started or completed not just arriving at your door.  We even bill in 15 minute ($45) intervals after the first hour. Plus, all calls under 15 minutes, receive 10% Off Labour.

Customer Loyalty Discount

No Dispatch Fee. No Commission Sales. Honest Pricing.

LABOUR DISCOUNT based on repeat business.

This includes single customers and property owners.

1st Time use – Regular Rates applied

2nd Time use – 5% Labour Discount applied to invoice.

3rd Time use – 10% Labour Discount for remainder of the year if service required.

More Details

Discount based on the calendar year and is reset each January 1st.

Property Managers with 10 or more properties are eligible for special pricing to be assessed and set by David Hornstein only.  Must have proof of ownership of all properties and do a minimum of 3 calls prior to pricing being put in effect.

Referral Program

The Aquality “Pipe Project” for Crohn’s Disease

We Donate When You Refer



Refer Aquality to someone you know.

Ask them to mention your referral when they book the appointment – we’ll take care of the rest.

Both you and your Referral are set to receive a 5% discount on your next service call.


When your Referral uses Aquality Plumbing & Heating, we will donate $5 to the Crohn’s & Colitis

Foundation of Canada.


YOU get 5% off Labour on your next service call and YOUR REFERRAL gets 5% off their first service call.

Save Big! The Pipe Project Referral program can be used in conjunction with the Loyalty Discount Program. All discounts are to a maximum of 25% off labour for a service call.

Referral Program discounts are unlimited to obtain, we love your referrals!

The Aquality Plumbing & Heating Fleet

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-team-calgary-fleet Pricing
aquality-plumbing-and-heating-team-calgary Pricing

More Services

We handle all your plumbing and heating needs for home and business.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-sink-repair-maintenance Pricing

Tub and Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink or tub not draining won’t drain? We unclog or repair your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or any drain line.

Sump-Pump Pricing

Sump Pumps

Leaky basement? Install a sump pump to prevent water in your basement. We can install, repair or maintain your sump pump.

aquality-plumbing-toilet-repair Pricing

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

We can help you repair your toilet and if it needs to be replaced, we can help you get a new toilet installed.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-plumbing-repair Pricing

Bathroom Renovations

Get trusted professionals to assist in your bathoom renovation.

Happy Customers

stars-5 Pricing
“We’ve been using Aquality for a number of years and have always been happy. They have come and fixed dripping pipes as well as replacing toilets. Always on time, helpful and professional.”

- Ian Chiclo

stars-5 Pricing

I worked with Dave and his team quite some time ago and he was our ‘go to’ plumber for all the jobs I helped organize within the company I worked for. The punctuality, professionalism and work ethic is outstanding. Even outside of the industry, I still recommend this company to anyone looking.

- Chelsie Isley

City-Wide Service Available. 24/7 Emergency Service

Serving Calgary since 2004

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