Cross Connection Control Devices.

Cross Connection Control Devices

What are Cross Connection Control Devices?

Cross Connection Devices are mandatory if you live in the city of Calgary.  They are designed to give full protection to ensure dangerous contaminants or chemicals have no way back into the city’s potable water system.

Where do cross connection control devices get installed?

In residential areas, you will see them most commonly on irrigation (outdoor sprinkler systems) and boiler water feeds in your mechanical room. In commercial situations, they are mandatory on the main water line into any building. Commercial buildings may also have additional devices on the above mentioned residential risk areas.

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Do I have to get tested for a cross connection?

Yes you do! Tests are required or you are actually at risk of having your water turned off by The City of Calgary.  Contamination is a serious issue and so our municipal government takes it seriously.  We can help you! Call us for one of our Certified Cross Connection Testers to ensure your devices are working well!  It is required in many cases every year so if it’s helpful to you, we can put you on our list to call you when you are due each year so you do not forget.

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Clear Price

We only charge you for what you need. Core to our beliefs, you can count on Aquality for honest pricing. No dispatch fees. No commissions. We only charge for the time we spent, not for a worst case scenario price like many other plumbing companies.

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We provide a full year of warranty on our labour and any parts or fixtures we supply. You can trust our commitment to your satisfaction.

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Trained Experts

Quality service is the backbone to what we do. All of our technicians are experts and will ensure your plumbing and heating is done properly so you can enjoy your home knowing that the work we did was a quality job.

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Our Pricing

Cross Connection Test

Includes testing and all paperwork submitted to City of Calgary


Additional Valves

Additional valves that are installed at the same time as the first device test


More Services

We handle all your plumbing and heating needs for home and business.

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Tub and Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink or tub not draining won’t drain? We unclog or repair your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or any drain line.

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Sump Pumps

Leaky basement? Install a sump pump to prevent water in your basement. We can install, repair or maintain your sump pump.

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Toilet Repairs & Replacements

We can help you repair your toilet and if it needs to be replaced, we can help you get a new toilet installed.

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Commercial Plumbing Services

Get trusted professional ahelp on your commercial plumbing needs

Happy Customers

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“I first contracted Aquality Plumbing almost 7 years ago. I have used them almost every year since for service at my home and for my commercial business. They have always been reliable and responsive.
I have had them in for plumbing installs, plumbing repairs, boiler maintenance, commercial heating inspections, commercial plumbing jobs, clearing clogged drain line, cross connection inspections, etc.
Next is probably installing a BBQ gas line.

I have absolutely no complaints.
I recommend you give them a try.”

- Frank

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“I use Aqaulity at our commercial site frequently, and am always impressed with the service and professionalism. I endorse this company! Thanks for all your help in the past 6 years Dave!

- Ben Ginzberg


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