Poly B Pipe Repair & Replacement

Fixing and replacing Poly B pipes in Calgary.

Poly B Piping: Repair and Replacement

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The hard truth is that Poly B is very concerning if it is in your home. The high chance and risk of water leaks that cause damage, coupled with limited insurance policies, leave homes with Poly B as a huge topic of conversation. In Canada, most installations of Poly B were between 1985 and 1997. At Aquality, we are all about transparency and with Poly B, you need to know that it is not about “if” the pipe will fail, it is about “when” it will fail. 

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The Facts about Poly B in Calgary

What is Poly B Piping?

Poly B got its name because it is technically called polybutylene pipe. It’s a semi-flexible grey coloured water line that might even be stamped with “PB2110” (like the image shown) or “poly B potable”. 

It isn’t toxic or bad for you. It is very bad for your house and bank account when it starts to leak.

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Replace your Poly B Pipes

Better assurance that you’ll avoid a disaster.

 Your insurance rates should improve if you replace your Poly B piping

 Stop worrying about when your pipes will leak.


Why does Poly B fail and leak?

 There are many theories about how and why it will not last, and regardless of the causes, there is nothing you can do other than replace it with another type of piping. We also know the common statement that only the plastic fittings are the issue, but this is a myth.  We have seen the pipe itself develop a pinhole more times than you would think – this is a very common issue. The pipe simply gets brittle and fails on fittings and crimps, as mentioned on the pipe itself. Your focus needs to be on resolving the problem, not getting stuck on why they failed. 

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Completely reduce your chances of a burst pipe leak

Replacement – Repair to Full Replacement

We always suggest a full replacement if you have plans to own your home long-term. It is the only way for peace of mind, & better insurance coverage. You should get the job quoted because it will vary depending on house size, total fixtures and many other reasons. We ensure you are paying just the right amount for the work you actually need – not an inflated number. 


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The Job:

You will need a plumber who will typically create the access and replace the piping. Gaining access to all areas with piping in your home, varies greatly from home to home, but you can trust us to minimize our impact of your home as much as possible while we access the pipes. The work will be thorough and we will leave your home with a completely new and upgraded water system throughout your home. We will install shut off values as discussed in the assessment, to aid in future use of your water system. 

 Next you will require a drywall installer with a taping and mudding team, followed by a painter.

Leak Repair from Poly B Piping:

If you have a leak and need to make the repair now before making a larger decision to replace it all, it is typically a quick service call. We cut out a small section and get the water back on soon so you can resume your home’s activities. 

Can you automate your water shut off in your home?

There are many automatic and technology-based shut off valves for your whole home that will communicate with your phone so you can shut your water off if a leak is detected. This is a great idea in any home, but if you are not quite ready for a full replacement of your Poly B, then something like the Flo by Moen is a REALLY great option for you. Remember it does not stop a leak from happening, but it would alert you about your pipe failure and turn your home’s water supply off to reduce the damage caused. 

Upgrade Your Home

Bring your home’s water supply system into today’s standards. It will improve your life by reducing the chances of leaks and disasters, not to mention the unexpected repair expenses. 

When you go to sell, everyone knows to look for Poly B and if your home still has it, it will be a blemish to your potential buyers, realtors and home appraisers. 

What replaces Poly B?

The simple answer in most cases, is PEX which is Cross-Linked Polyethylene. Our featured brand of PEX comes with a 25 year warranty. For a budget friendly option, we have options with a 10-year warranty. All new homes use PEX and we fully endorse and trust this pipe as the future of your home and waterline distribution. 


How It Works

Book your appointment with Aquality today and one of our skilled technicians will help you assess what your needs are including respecting your budget. We provide the assessment, consultation, pricing information, removal of the poly B, installation of new PEX piping and other features as discussed in the assessment. We are Calgary’s most trusted plumbers.

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We provide a full year of warranty on our labour and any parts or fixtures we supply. This is to protect you from the unexpected.  We hope all our jobs go smoothly, but when there is a bump in the road, rest assured, we will be there to resolve the issue swiftly.


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Still not sure if you have Poly B pipes?

Sometimes it is hard to tell. Not all plastic pipes are Poly B. If you are unsure, contact us and we will be happy to help you. As a guideline, many homes were made using Poly B, because the whole industry thought it was the most ideal solution, until it was de-listed and no longer used around 2005. Before Poly B, water lines were made of copper, which is costly. So if your home’s plumbing was installed between 1985 and 2005, your pipes might be Poly B. 


If your Pipes look good, is it okay to leave them?

Many Poly B pipes look perfectly good on the outside – but trust us – even the new looking ones are breaking down from the inside. They can spring a leak quickly and unexpectedly. 

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Clear Price

We only charge you for what you need. Core to our beliefs, you can count on Aquality for honest pricing. No dispatch fees. No commissions. We only charge for the time we spent, not for a worst case scenario price like many other plumbing companies.

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We provide a full year of warranty on our labour and any parts or fixtures we supply. You can trust our commitment to your satisfaction.

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Trained Experts

Quality service is the backbone to what we do. All of our technicians are experts and will ensure your plumbing and heating is done properly so you can enjoy your home knowing that the work we did was a quality job.

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