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Feeling Cold? We’ve Got You Covered with Our Furnace Repair Services in Calgary! Furnace Repair, Furnace Maintenance, Thermostat Replacement & Upgrades, Furnace Replacement and Installation.

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Best Furnace and Thermostats Repair Service In Calgary

Feeling chilly? Keep your home perfectly warm all winter long, with a well-functioning furnace supported by a smart thermostat. You can have in-home comfort, while also enjoying a heating system that is friendly to the environment and your budget. What are we talking about? Read on!

How can a properly functioning furnace and thermostat help me?

When you have a smart thermostat that regulates your home’s heat to suit your lifestyle, it helps ensure your home is only consuming natural resources when you need it. This helps conserve energy as well as your budget. In addition to a good thermostat, a well functioning, efficient furnace will also ensure that your budget is well used.

Furnace Services We Offered

To ensure you get the most out of your heating system, we can help you with:

  • Repairing furnaces
  • Furnace maintenance
  • Thermostat replacements and upgrades
  • Furnace replacement and installation

Furnace Repairs and Maintenance

Contact us to provide regular maintenance on your heating system. When it comes to furnaces, the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is so true! In the cold of a Calgary winter, nothing is worse than turning on your heat, and all that comes out is cold air. Avoid this by having Aquality’s trained technicians regularly inspect and maintain your furnace.

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We are trained and experienced so we can help you run a clean and efficient system. Ask us to help with services including checking the blower, gas pressure, motor, flame, ignition, drains (high efficiency units), exhaust vent, controls, vents and connections. We can replace your filters and service or repair any parts of your heating system that need attention. From the filters to the humidifiers attached to your furnace, we are happy to ensure your family has complete comfort and safety from your heating system.

Furnace Installation and Heating Services

We understand that every home in Calgary is unique. Our experts work closely with you to select and install the perfect furnace that suits your specific requirements and budget. With our range of modern, energy-efficient furnaces, enjoy reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Our installation process ensures optimal efficiency for long-term savings. Our team comprises highly skilled, certified professionals who are up-to-date with the latest furnace technologies and installation techniques, ensuring a seamless and safe setup. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond installation. We offer comprehensive warranties and ongoing support to ensure your furnace operates flawlessly for years to come.

Thermostat Replacements and Upgrades

So many great options to choose from! If you are still using an original thermostat, please consider upgrading! Not only will you love the savings you will get when you have a smart thermostat that only uses heat when you need it, but you may also find an option that allows you to control your home from your phone. One of our all-time favourites is the Honeywell Lyric Round Wifi Thermostat. Customers who have this one find it very user friendly and full of features that benefit their lifestyle as well as the enjoyment of their home.

If you want to upgrade your thermostat, we can ensure you find one that fits your budget and needs.

Furnace Replacement

If you need more than a repair, we can help you choose the ideal heating solution for your budget, home and lifestyle. There are many options to choose from that are sure to provide you with quality heating using today’s best technology and energy efficient options. Contact us for a free in-home consultation to review your options for a new furnace system.

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Clear Price

We only charge you for what you need. Core to our beliefs, you can count on Aquality for honest pricing. No dispatch fees. No commissions. We only charge for the time we spent, not for a worst case scenario price like many other plumbing companies.

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We provide a full year of warranty on our labour and any parts or fixtures we supply. You can trust our commitment to your satisfaction.

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Trained Experts

Quality service is the backbone to what we do. All of our technicians are experts and will ensure your plumbing and heating is done properly so you can enjoy your home knowing that the work we did was a quality job.

Our Furnace Repair and Replacement Pricing

At Aquality, it is a core belief of ours that you should only pay for what you need and receive so our fees are charged based on the actual work we do. We do not upsell nor work on commission like many other companies in Calgary do. We do not charge a dispatch fee. We are happy to come out and do a free quote for projects when requested.

$220 for First Hour

$40 per additional 15 Minutes

Price includes our travel to your place, work being started or completed not just arriving at your door. We even bill in 15 minute intervals after the first hour. Plus, all calls under 15 minutes, receive 10% Off Labour (this means $22 will be taken off your bill).

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More Services

We handle all your plumbing and heating needs for home and business.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-sink-repair-maintenance Furnace and Thermostats

Tub and Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink or tub not draining won’t drain? We unclog or repair your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or any drain line.

Sump-Pump Furnace and Thermostats

Sump Pumps

Leaky basement? Install a sump pump to prevent water in your basement. We can install, repair or maintain your sump pump.

aquality-plumbing-toilet-repair Furnace and Thermostats

Toilet Repairs & Replacements

We can help you repair your toilet and if it needs to be replaced, we can help you get a new toilet installed.

aquality-plumbing-and-heating-plumbing-repair Furnace and Thermostats

Bathroom Renovations

Get trusted professionals to assist in your bathoom renovation.

Happy Customers

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“What a joyous experience! Right from the quote, all the way through the completion of my new furnace, humidifier and hot water tank installation. The team who arrive worked well beyond what was expected, and delivered great service. And great value! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I will definitely be using Aquality Plumbing again and highly recommend this team and company.”

- Andrea Thatcher

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“Aquality Plumbing is the only Plumbing and Heating company I have used for the last 5 years to take care of my company, Venter Construction and Solar INC’s plumbing needs. Of all the companies I’ve tried before in Calgary they are the best at what they do. Always a pleasure to have on site, solve problems and get the job done. Thank you.

- Casper Venter


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