The Relationship Between Water Heating & Water Treatment

The Relationship Between Water Heating & Water Treatment

FACT: Calgary Has Hard Water

FACT: Your Home Has A Hot Water Heater

FACT: Proactive Water Heater Replacement Saves $

When it comes to water quality and water heaters, here are the things you need to know to keep it running smoothly.
Let’s start by talking about some of the different set ups you may have in your home. You could have any of the following:

  • Atmospheric (natural draft) Water Heater
  • Power Vent (single pipe with blower) Water Heater
  • Power Direct (2 pipe with blower) Vent Water Heater

And yes, there are even more options in the variety of ways we heat water for domestic use.  Maybe you have one of these higher efficiency versions:

  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Combination Tankless Water Heater
  • Boiler (efficiency ranges with type of boiler) with Indirect Storage Tank

It can be overwhelming to even know which one you have, if you are looking for more information on your heater, just send us a picture of the tank and the rating plate and we can assist you.

Now depending on what you have in your home, the effect of hard water will vary.  So protect yourself and your appliance by reading the rest of this blog, or skip through to the areas that apply to your current situation, and use the other sections as alternatives you may look at in the future.

Atmospheric, Power Vent, & Power Direct Vent Water Heaters

These are the oldest water heaters we will see, and very little technology which as a positive can lead to less breakdown.  They are also likely going to be phased out like furnaces did long ago due to lack of efficiency.  If your plan is to have the lowest cost to replace, and have a life expectancy of about 10 years I would suggest doing this sooner than later before code converts to no longer permit these tanks. As a side note, this has been discussed for a very long time, and we still do not have 100% confirmation when the new laws will take effect.  The buzz right now is as early as June 2023 we will see changes starting to be made.

If you choose to replace your water heater and have never had a softener, and have had your tank last longer than the expected life of 10 years, you likely have a tank full of calcium that has created a cast which is now protecting your water heater from rupturing.  This is the miracle of hard water, and why we do not recommend flushing your water heater when you have hard water.  We have not seen enough benefit from the flushing or enough problems from not flushing.  In fact the main positive remains, your tank may last longer.  Before you get too excited, your tank will be running with very poor efficiency, but if you have hot water when you want it, most people remain satisfied.

On the other hand, if you install a water softener with this type of water heater, you will keep the inside in much better shape.  However, the odds of getting it to last beyond the expected timeline reduces.  In fact, with the soft water you must ensure you change the anode rod in your tank between year 4 and 5.  If you don’t, the aggressive soft water could prematurely rupture your tank.

The anode rod is a sacrificial component within the tank that is designed to have the water attack it instead of the tank itself.  Once it is eaten away, the water will attack the tank, so be sure to replace this part between year 4 and 5 to increase your chances for a full life of your tank.

You can see how vital knowing your water and your tank is to ensure a reasonable life from your appliance.

Tankless and Combination Tankless Hot Water Heater

When it comes to any tankless water heater and hard water, you need to ensure you are at a hardness of less than 5-7 grains of hardness.  To give you an idea of where we are at in Calgary, and it is similar in surrounding treated areas like Okotoks, and Airdrie.  It will vary throughout the year, and based on where you are in the City. Here are the numbers and for more information check out the City of Calgary online:

Bearspaw Treatment Plant Effluent Water Hardness (mg CaCO3) for 2021

Monthmg/L CaCO 3grains/gallon


Glenmore Treatment Plant Effluent Water Hardness (mg CaCO3) for 2021

Month​mg/L CaCO 3grains/gallon

As you can see, no matter where you are, it is simply too high for a tankless to remain clear of deposits and build up that will affect the function and life of the unit. There are some units getting better to accept harder water, however over time the unit will inevitably disappoint if we do not provide more balanced or soft water to the unit.

Tankless water heaters rely on heating small amounts of quick moving water extremely fast with high BTU capabilities.  If you restrict the flow, you risk overheating, cracking a heat exchanger, and likely out thousands of dollars to repair or replace. The heat exchanger is the most expensive part in the unit, and if it cracks the unit will leak and stop operating correctly and in many cases damage electrical components from the dripping water.

There are 2 options we suggest, recommend, frankly you require one of them if you were to install a tankless with our team.  We want you to have a long life with your heater, not one that has you calling back in a couple years that it is already broken. Remember, we have a free in house audit to go over your specific needs and ensure we are priced to your home.  If you receive a firm quote by phone or email without a visit or at least virtual assessment, expect pricing to go up from unexpected variables or you may have overpaid.

OPTION 1 – *$298.00

The Nuvo H2O Water Heater System (15001 DPHC H20 Heater Cleaner) not only prevents hard water build-up but it reduces and removes existing scale, helping to restore your water heater to near-new efficiencies. The NuvoH2O Water Heater System not only saves on the operating costs of your water heater but can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of this critical appliance.

It was engineered around a compact, integrated cartridge and housing with a quick-connect design that makes maintenance quick and easy. The self-locking mechanism assures a leak-proof connection in seconds without all of the mess typically associated with the cartridge replacements found in competitive systems.


  • Protects and extends the life of water heaters, plumbing fixtures and appliances by preventing the accumulation of scale
  • Removes scale restoring operating efficiencies to water heaters and appliances
  • Eco-friendly – no salt, no waste water, no electricity
  • Compact design – fits almost anywhere
  • Extends the life of your dishwasher
  • Developed from 25+ years of commercial experience
  • Easy, quick-connect change cartridge

Replacement Filters – *Current Pricing *$84.00 each with recommendation to change every 9-12 months.

OPTION 2 – *$2250.00

High-Efficiency Performance for the Lowest Salt & Water Usage Ever!


  • Exclusive WG 185UF NSF Certified electronic control valve with reliable piston, seal, and spacer technology
  • Cabinet or Twin Tank models
  • User-friendly backlit LCD display
  • The “No Touch” information display rotates key info like the last regeneration date and volume remaining
  • 48-hour memory back-up
  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter Override, and Calendar Clock mode
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • The brine safety valve provides extra overflow protection
  • Unique bypass with an integrated space-saving turbine meter and sample ports on the inlet
  • The one-piece design avoids meter jamming
  • Time-saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain and brine line and power cord even has a quick connect for easy valve spin on
  • Drain line o-ring eliminates the need for Teflon
  • Condensation tank jacket (twin tank models)
  • Hose clamp and 10’ of drain tubing included
  • IAPMO R & T Certified against CSA B483.1
  • Potable Expansion Tank and Backflow Device included in pricing as required by code

*All pricing based on April 2023, pricing may change.

You can choose if you want the descaler or a full home true water softener.  There are alternate models from Nuvo as well that can do your whole home with descaled water.  Give us a call if you need more information. We provide no charge consultations at your home or virtually to discuss your specific needs.  If you have a water heating system that is getting close to 10 years, best to give us a call and get proactive on your hot water.

Character Must Be Your #1 Factor When Choosing A Plumber In Your Future

Character Must Be Your #1 Factor When Choosing A Plumber In Your Future

Creating trust in trades is my vision.  Being a local Calgary Plumber, and Founder of Aquality Plumbing & Heating Inc back in 2004 has taken me on quite the journey.  Honestly, where I have seen our industry move with business models of countless plumbing companies is so disheartening, yet it created an opportunity to build a business with integrity.  

These business models would have the cast at “Shark Tank” or “Dragon’s Den” licking their chops as they see all the different revenue streams, and how they can be maximized.  So what’s the catch?  Sounds like I could have the most incredible, profitable business.  What part of this is so terrible that it keeps me up at night? 

Before I answer that question, it is important to understand more about YOU.  A business that is focussed on listening to what their clients want, has an opportunity to design services that aim to satisfy their client’s wishes.  The unique part of trades, and being a plumber is as an industry, we have one of the scariest traits in the public’s eyes.  We can’t be trusted.  We cannot be trusted! I’ve heard this so many times in my life, and I’d like to tell you a personal story about how I experienced this first hand. 

Growing up, I watched and learned from my parent’s, grandparents, friends parents, basically as a child we learn from observing our elders and how they move through life.  This is why you catch yourself at times, or someone who knows you well, saying “You are just like your ________. (I am sure you can fill in the blank with a parent or sibling easily there!)  Sometimes it is a complement, and many times we take it negatively.  My point is, like it or not, we do repeat many things our teachers showed us, whether we wanted to follow their lead or not.

Hire-a-Plumber-in-Calgary-CALL-403-205-2782 Character Must Be Your #1 Factor When Choosing A Plumber In Your Future

When I saw my teachers of life, I clearly recall all trades being under the microscope.  Whether it was the car in for repairs, the air conditioner not working, or a leak on a pipe.  I saw this by the trade being watched, over their shoulder when possible, and conversations like “I could do this myself, but….” or “Simple fix, should be done in 15 minutes right?”  

Well, actually…NO!  This shows such a lack of respect of the skilled person who was hired to help you.  And on the flip side, it is totally acceptable because our industry has done such a poor job of creating steps that ensure trust is not only plausible, but successfully attained.  In the past, we have not had our industry expose people to the expenses of our businesses.  They do not know how much our Technicians are paid, how much the parts were, even further, if the parts were even needed.  We used to just give a bill, with a number, and say pay this now.   Luckily we have gotten better at this and over time, we are starting to show more of what our businesses do, so that you, the customer, can feel the fees at the end of the work are absolutely justified. 

At Aquality, we tell stories on our invoices in a language that we hope can be understood by people who are not plumbers.  What is important is they go through a 4 step process. Not 3 but 4 steps.  

  1. Assess and confirm the issue. 
  2. Explain how we can get this resolved.
  3. Resolve the problem.
  4. Go over the fix and show how the issue has been resolved. 

Above these steps, we must also be up front with rates, and costs involved and then honor those rates. This step, like many others in our history as an industry, has left people lacking trust. 

Want to know something else I still do, as recently as today with our invoices?  I read them.  Why do I still take time to do this?  Well, although I can’t read every invoice, I still to date read every invoice our office produces that our Technicians could not or did not produce on site. I do this to read it as if I am you.  Does this story make sense?  Does the charge reflect what I was told prior to Aquality Plumbing and Heating starting the work?  I pretend I am you, because this way we know that you will be more than happy to pay your invoice, as you received everything you were expecting. 

So, thanks for reading my story, now back to the question, why does the business model of most plumbing companies in Calgary keep me up at night?  In short, they focus on taking advantage of opportunity, and of people who are not experts, and shouldn’t have to be experts in our field.  You know how your car got fixed by the Mechanic installing the “dobedeebop” or “whatchamacallit”.  Plumbers are in the same boat, as our industry has so many parts, so many products, that we could tell anyone what they need, even when they don’t. 

What motivates people to be dishonest typically starts with monetary incentives.  And the business model of today’s plumber feasts off this, as they have Technicians working on commission to ensure their top earnings. This is a lethal combination, and one that I will never implement at Aquality.  

To ensure there is no coincidence, plumbing technicians spend time, typically weekly in courses and training on their sales skills. Personally, I’d prefer our technicians spend time with new products and their troubleshooting or installation skills.  

At Aquality we don’t sell anything, we need products to help us resolve your problem, or update your home or business. And yes, we get great pricing, and we place margins on those products, we are not a non profit organization.  We are, however, honest about what you need, and will never upsell to ensure our own growth in revenue. 

There is one more important item to be wary of and that is Menu Pricing.  It is a bible-like booklet that is full of every situation we will face in the field.  It outlines set pricing, to feed off your fear, leaving you saying, “OK for $395.00 this will be fixed, and no games can be played to take advantage of me.”  This logic is powerful and true in many cases, if it wasn’t for these 2 nuances.

  Forgot to mention the dispatch fee, admin fee, or travel fee, was not included in the pricing, AND those fees are due whether we do the work or not.

  1. That $395.00 is the worst case scenario, and likely could have been dealt with and resolved for under $300.  You overpaid for security because like so many, you don’t yet trust the trade you are hiring. 

Remember, all up front costs or rates should be disclosed prior to arranging a call out to your home or business. 

When we hire plumbers, we are finding so many that are tired, because they are not sleeping from working within these models.  They are relieved to come and work with a Team that lets them educate, earn a really good wage, and be honest in every situation.  Although we are super busy, and they work lots of hours, they are finally sleeping better because their soul is at peace.  If that is how they feel, perhaps there is a chance we can create trust with you as well.

To find out how you can start building trust, give us a call when you next need help.  It may just be a question, or an emergency, or a planned renovation.  Whether a full home Poly B replacement, or you just want to ask for advice, we are here.  We want to listen to your needs, at that moment, and help you move forward at your pace.  We look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps working with you if you are looking for a change in how you work in our trade. 

I truly believe through communication, accountability, and integrity we can build trust.  I love the thought of 1% better each day will yield incredible results.  These steps we take, intentionally every day, will build trust one person at a time.  This will then transfer and grow throughout our journey to create trust in trades.

Hire-a-Plumber-in-Calgary-CALL-403-205-2782 Character Must Be Your #1 Factor When Choosing A Plumber In Your Future
3 Pros and Cons to Tankless Hot Water Heaters

3 Pros and Cons to Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Thinking about a tankless hot water system for your home or business? See what the pros and cons are!

Whether you are in Tuscany, Canyon Meadows, or Parkland, living anywhere in Calgary makes your situation unique when it comes to picking a hot water system.

What!? Why?

Calgary has a high elevation which means our gas appliances perform differently. High efficient tankless hot water heaters even have a dip switch which reconfigures how it will burn the gas to compensate for our altitude.  If your new tank is not set up correctly, you could be reducing the efficiency, and voiding your warranty.  Caught your attention?  Keep reading for more important facts about tankless hot water.


There are many reasons to buy and install a tankless hot water system. Here are my top 3. 

#1 – 96%-98*% Efficient!  You simply will not find anything else this efficient when it comes to heating your water. The advanced system that tankless heaters use, especially when compared to typical hot water tanks, revolutionized the amount of energy and cost needed to get hot water in your home or business. Plus, it only activates when you need hot water. Tankless hot water tanks consume energy only when needed. This is why some people also call the system an on-demand hot water system. They are super efficient because they produce warm water when you need it, or as you demand it. Combine these two facts, super efficient energy use and only working when you need it, and you have by far the best way to efficiently heat your water. (Tanks average mid 60% to low 70% at best.)

#2Size.  You can replace up to 2 full size hot water tank heaters with one tankless unit that hangs on your wall out of the way.  If you have a tight mechanical room, this is a quick way to gain storage space once the water heater(s) are removed. Imagine the added space you can gain in your utility room by removing 1 or 2 water tanks and replacing it with a simple unit on your wall? No matter the brand you choose (Rinnai, Navien, Rheem, Noritz, John Wood and others), you will experience a cleaner, more open space in your basement or utility room.

#3Long life.  Compared to the 10 year average life of a tank, a tankless heater can last over 20 years if properly maintained. That means a tankless hot water system can last up to twice as long as a typical hot water tank. Even the warranty on most units is 15 years on the heat exchanger, which shows that the suppliers know their products are designed to last for a long time and produce hot water consistently. And if you think 15 years as a warranty is long, on some newer models, it’s up to 25 years! When you invest in a tankless hot water system, you can feel confident that it will reliably provide hot water for the long run.


There are a handful of reasons why you may not want to choose a tankless hot water system. Here are my top 3.

#1 Cost. – The overall cost to remove a water heater tank and convert your system to tankless is costly.  Once done, it is quite comparable to replace a tankless as it is to replace a tank in the future, but the work and materials required to initially install it, will put you at 2 to 3 times the cost of replacing a water heater.

#2 Service. – Unlike a tank, you really do need to service the tankless annually and provide good water quality to the unit.  If you don’t you will void your warranty and risk failure in the first 2-3 years. The good news is, it is easy to do on your own, or get help from professionals like our Team at Aquality who will even train you how to do it yourself.

#3 Lifestyle Changes. – Yes you get “Unlimited” hot water with a tankless when sized right, BUT only to a certain amount of gallons per minute (GPM).  This means you cannot run a tub, a shower, wash dishes, and another shower all at the same time.  Typically, you can run 2 showers at once as a good rule of thumb and in months when the inlet water temperature is higher, you could even wash dishes too. The good news is, once you adapt, you can stay in that shower for as long as you want and never run out.

skdla 3 Pros and Cons to Tankless Hot Water Heaters

How do Tankless Hot Water Heaters Work?

Technology has come a long way to get warm water to your desired faucet or fixture faster than ever with tankless heaters. This happens with built in recirculation pumps.  They are quiet and provide precise temperatures. You can even get them linked to your smart phone and change the temperature setting from your phone! They can also provide enough hot water for your comfort to your faucets and fixtures, as well as to your floor heating systems with incredible Combi units.

Some people also choose tankless because they provide hot water endlessly for as long as it is needed. Typical hot water tanks hold hot water until you need it, which is great, but this means that once the tank or tanks are empty, that your home is out of hot water until the tanks can regenerate warm water. If your home or business has periods of time that require large amounts of warm water usage, a tankless unit might make sense.

If you are interested in more information on tankless heating, let us know and we can set up a virtual meeting, or come meet you at your home.  If you are getting pricing on a tankless installation and you currently have a water heater, ensure this is customized to your needs.  A quote over the phone is not recommended, as there are too many factors to consider in each home.  Don’t get caught paying for things that are not required at your home.

Installing a Tankless Hot Water Unit in your Calgary home 

Our first question usually is, “How long will you be expecting to live in the home?”  If your answer isn’t 4 years or more, we likely will tell you that this is not the product for you. An honest attitude is what drives our business, and we look forward to learning what your needs are and helping to share our expertise and educate you on what is best for you, your budget and your home.

Installing an important investment such as a Rinnai or Navien tankless system in your Calgary home, can be a complex project and getting expert advice is a good idea. For example, because our water is so hard in Calgary, we always suggest adding a water softener to ensure your tankless system can function properly. If you don’t, and we’ve seen it in real life, the hard water minerals will build up in your unit and it won’t last as long as it should and will void your warranty.

Choosing a brand is an important step in the process and we are happy to offer our recommendations. There are many on the market such as Rheem, Rinnai, Navien, John Wood and Noritz. Each brand and style has its pros and cons and once we learn about your home’s water systems, your water needs, budget and other elements, we can share our suggestions based on experience and what you need.

You see at Aquality, our vision is to be the trusted plumbing and heating expert by building honest relationships. We feel this is a great way to start your relationship with us.  ~ David, from Aquality

5 Things to Consider when Choosing between a Hot Water Tank or a Tankless Hot Water Heater

5 Things to Consider when Choosing between a Hot Water Tank or a Tankless Hot Water Heater

Love a hot bath? Enjoy endless warm-water showers? Dream about washing clothes at the same time as a family member has a hot shower? Looking for ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption? 


Look no further! You can upgrade your home’s hot water situation and you can make the right choice between a standard hot water tank or a tankless water heater. 



Here are 5 key points to consider when deciding between a hot water tank or a tankless water heater: 



  1. How long will you be living at this residence?

This is our first question when considering tankless water heaters because if you are not going to reap the benefits long enough to pay back the added expense, or you aren’t a die hard environmentalist, and space saving isn’t vital, then you do not need to read any further because a tankless is not for you.

Based on the cost, we’d like to know you will be sticking around for at least a few years (we say 4 or more) to ensure you are getting value from your decision. Remember though, if you value making the right choice for the environment, you can skip ahead to point #4. 


  1. Where do you live?
    If you live in Calgary, like I do, you will need to address the water quality. If you live in a city or town with soft water, then this is one consideration you don’t have to factor in. 


There are 2 options for those who have hard water.  First, you can install a scale remover before the tankless unit; or secondly, you can get the whole home on a water softener. There are huge advantages to having soft water, and it is imperative to maintain your warranty on a tankless system. 


A tankless water heater system, (also called on demand water) is a great investment for your home, but it is an investment. We want to ensure that our customers know up front that if your home has hard water like most homes in the Calgary area do, that before installing a tankless water heater, you will have to consider how you will address the water quality. Keep in mind, if you install a water softening system to your whole home, not only will it support your new tankless system, but it will give you so many other terrific benefits too. You can read more about the benefits of water softeners on our website. 


  1. Annual Maintenance of Tankless Water Heaters
    Be aware that maintenance is required with your tankless and some plumbing companies will argue both ways on tanks.  Flushing the tankless and having it serviced are your key to a valid warranty. Typical hot water tanks can live without annual maintenance, especially in a clean dust-free area.With tankless, if you have hard water, it will scale on the inside and this added hard scale will reduce efficiencies down to approximately 70% efficient levels. See point #4 to compare how unfortunate it is to reduce your efficiency levels this low.Plumbers secret and hint for you: If you have soft water, be sure to change your Anode Rod every 4 (maximum 5) years or you will see your tank start to leak prematurely at about year 6 or 7.  You’re welcome. 


  1. How efficient is the tankless heater compared to a hot water tank? 
    There is no comparison. Period.It’s incredible how efficient tankless models are. Most tankless models will operate at 96%-98% efficiency. This is incredible and should be celebrated for many reasons including the efficient use of energy, the efficient use of your money when you pay for your home’s energy usage, and the engineering plus the craftsmanship that goes into creating tankless heaters.The concept of a high efficient residential hot water tank isn’t as true as it is marketed, especially living in Canadian climates like Calgary. From what we know, an efficiency rating of 67% is typically all you will get on the variety of hot water tanks typically installed.

    Factor in that tankless only heats water when you open a faucet; compare that to a giant tank that is constantly trying to keep 40, 50, sometimes over 100 gallons in some homes, hot 24/7.

    Without a doubt, the tankless water heater is the clear winner here.

  2. Will your lifestyle adapt?
    A tankless option will never run out of hot water.. sort of.  It will never run out of hot water, BUT only at a certain amount of gallons per minute (GPM). If you exceed the amount of gallons per minute, it will go lukewarm or cold. Generally though, endless hot water is one of the main features that people love about a tankless water heater. Rather than singing one or two songs in the shower, you’ll be able to sing the whole album!If your lifestyle can adapt to using less gallons per minute (typically 2 or 3  faucets, as the GPM per faucet will vary) to align with what your tankless was specified for, you will love it!A typical hot water tank has a reserve of all those gallons we mentioned earlier so running out of hot water works differently. It may handle more gallons per minute at first, but once your hot water tank is drained, with limited recovery potential, you can expect to be waiting a while for hot water again. The tankless will be ready to go instantly if you keep your GPM within its means. 


Hot Water Tank Warranty Specialists



In the Calgary area, Aquality Plumbing and Heating is actually designated as the plumbing technician of choice to handle all the warranty calls, repairs and replacements for several top hot water tank brands. We know a lot about hot water systems and we have seen how they look and function when they are new, partly used and on their last legs. If you ask us about your home’s hot water situation, you are guaranteed to get an honest and helpful answer based on our many years of experience. 



We hope this helps you make the right decision for your situation. If you have more questions, we welcome you to reach out to us at: or call our office at 403-205-2782.








Repair your own plumbing: top 3 things to consider.

Repair your own plumbing: top 3 things to consider.

Learn How To Solve Plumbing Problems: 

How can I fix my plumbing?

Living in Calgary, whether you are in Rocky Ridge, Lake Bonavista, or Aspen, occasionally we all feel the pressure to fix something on our own. How many times have you tried to fix a toilet, check on your hot water tank, repair a faucet or install a plumbing fixture? Fixing residential or commercial broken plumbing issues can be very rewarding. If you are a DIY type of person, keep reading! 

Honestly, one of the reasons I became a plumber was the pure satisfaction of having a problem, making a plan, and then taking action to resolve it. When I tested my work and saw the result of something that was broken and that I had turned into being fully operational, it provided my soul with total gratification. 

You may not realize it, but I have already given you the keys on how to solve your own plumbing problems (reread above paragraph), BUT there are a couple variables that tend to make your confidence shake. 

3 Reasons People Hesitate to Do Their Own Plumbing

The top 3 reasons people hesitate are because (1)  they are afraid of flooding their property and making something worse, and (2) they do not have the right plumbing or heating (gasfitting) tools and/or (3) they are missing the correct parts to do the plumbing repairs themselves.  

How can you overcome these big issues?  

If you are feeling confident and want to tackle fixing your shower, water softener, toilet, garburator, pipes, or any of the many plumbing elements that are in your home or business, then read on.

Educating yourself online prior to starting can be very helpful, especially through video instructions that take you step by step through the process. Youtube is full of people who will have tips and how-to videos on how to do a large variety of tasks such as change your kitchen faucet, replace your garburator, install a water softener, repair a plugged toilet, tighten a showerhead or simply turn off your shut off valve. Watch a few videos and find one that seems to match your problem in your home. Be careful though, not all video tutorials will be correct or match your exact plumbing / heating situation. Although not every scenario is exactly the same and variables may come up, this has been the easiest way to make sure you are on the right track to success. With a good how-to video, caution and confidence (plus the right tools and parts), most people can remedy various plumbing problems that arise in their home or office.

Covid 19 impacts

Since COVID-19, things have changed and adaptation has become so important for people and businesses. As part of our initiative to reduce person-to-person contact, at Aquality Plumbing & Heating we adapted something that we have done for years with our Realtor clients, and we are now utilizing Facetime and Zoom with all our customers in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, and Chestermere.  We use these platforms to help Do-it-Yourselfers stay on the right track with plumbing or heating repairs, or to receive a quote on work they are looking to have done by our team. Imagine a private interactive session with a Calgary plumber looking at your home or business, and advising how you can get it done on your own. And it’s FREE!  I feel this has become the best way to get the information you need to get your repair or renovation moving. 

Sometimes it is too much without a Professional’s help

If you try to solve an issue on your own, but run into one of the top 3 issues listed above (worried about making the situation worse, lacking tools or missing parts) then you may need help. There could just be too many steps that overwhelm you and the value in having a professional deal with the issue, is probably the right move. It could also be that gasfitting is involved and the safety and insurance risks of working on gas as a homeowner or business owner are way too high. That is why you cannot pull a gas permit within Calgary on your own – it has to be done by a licensed gasfitting contractor. 

We are here to help with plumbing and heating repairs, installations and problems. Many times, we have assisted Calgarians with resolving their own plumbing issues. That is our ultimate goal, if that is what your goal is. You see at Aquality, our vision is to be the trusted plumbing and heating expert by building honest relationships. We feel this is a great way to start your relationship with us.