When you challenge your team daily to be their best at everything they do, preach to get uncomfortable for amazing growth, you better bring it yourself.  I was challenged before I left for vacation to do something that took me out of my comfort zone. So after a few days in Mexico I was struggling what that would be.  But, when one of my son’s raised my hand for me to go up in a contest before a nightly entertainment act of professional lip sync artists, everything changed.

I had no idea, what the contest was, just that I was now up on stage nervous in front of a few hundred people with 1 other man, and a woman.  The host explained we would perform live in front of the crowd and have no idea of the song until it was our turn. Best performance voted by the crowd won.  

I realized after watching a rough performance of Elvis, that I was in my challenge or comfort zone and I didn’t even get to choose it.  Next, went the lady who did a really fantastic job at Taylor Swift. I figured she had this in the bank, and then my competitive edge starting to rise through the nerves as I got called up.  The host leaned in and said, “Do something weird if you want to win this…” I had no idea what to do with that advice, so I stood there as the music started and had no idea what song it was. Then as I started to recognize the tune, my other son yelled out “Frozen Daddy, it’s from Frozen!”  Then I heard some guy yell out, “This guy has to be Elsa!” (insert his laughing here)

In that moment, I decided, yes let’s have fun with this and Be Elsa!  You see, we have choices in life and sometimes just letting go of what people will think, letting go of fear, letting go of the safe route, allows us to go beyond to new heights.

In the end, I crushed it according to the few hundred massive cheers I got and unanimously won my $5 T-Shirt.  More importantly I taught myself and my kids how to have fun with all situations, even if they feel awkward and tough.

I spent the remainder of my week having people come up and congratulate me on my performance, as it was full of fun, spirit and passion to do my best.  I’m not expecting Disney to knock down my door, but I am so thankful my son lifted my arm that night. I highly recommend the next time your feelings of embarrassment come out or fear of trying anything, Let It Go….

PS – Even more out of my comfort zone to put this online and share it, hope you enjoy! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!