David Hornstein

David Hornstein opened Aquality Plumbing back in 2004.  When he first decided to become a plumber it was with full intention to have his own local business here in the Calgary.  Completing his apprenticeship at SAIT as well as completing his cross connection testing certification he is a Red Seal Plumber.

The goals of Aquality Plumbing were simple is his mind, provide the highest level of communication to our customers and grow the business from delivering quality work each and every time.  The model is based on, “Treat our customer’s homes as if they were our own.”  We wouldn’t want someone coming into our home and selling us products we did not require or desire.  We intend to resolved the issues at hand, and install what our customers want using our experienced team’s guidance.

In addition to Aquality, David recently invented a new product for the plumbing industry call The Trunk.  As a Managing Partner of Platypus Tools, this new product has hit the market and selling within Alberta, BC, and Arizona in the USA.  He hopes to continue to create awareness on the product and how it helps to eliminate cross contamination when removing toilets.

In his spare time he also runs Lead n The Pack helping dogs with behavioral issues.  It is a passion of David’s to help people have better lived with their dogs.

Most dear to David is his family of 3 young boys and his wife.  Balance is key to help this busy life flow, but family is always around throughout the days. Keeping a home based office allows David to stay close to work and family throughout the year.

Steve Sims

Steve Sims has been working with Aquality for almost a decade of service.  There are few people in the industry that receive as many requests for his service as Steve does on a weekly basis.  His sincere nature and vast experience is hard to not be impressed by time and again.

Originally from South Africa, plumbed in England, and finally (lucky for Calgary) resides here now as his home.  He loves all pets, and enjoys hiking and swimming on his time off.

Ted Glennie

Ted_Avatar Meet the Team

As a rare homegrown Calgarian, Ted brings an amazing skill set to our team.  He is knowledgeable with countless years in the industry.

Ted strives to resolve issues for our customers whether fixing a broken faucet or roughing it in a new home.  Most of all Ted’s big heart is always in the right place to do his best for our customer’s and the Aquality team!

When not working on the tools, Ted enjoys Golf and spending time with his family.

Dawn Mattis

Dawn is Aquality’s first point of contact at our office and has a very diverse role.  She will assist with booking a call with the right technician to meet your schedule to the best of our abilities.  In addition, she can source parts or fixtures for you and delivers key information to our Technicians in the field to make your experience as smooth as possible.  She’s also responsible for our day to day administrative work in both deliveries of invoicing and receipt of payment.

Dawn has extensive experience in Customer Service and aims to please all our customers.  She is well organized and prepared to assist you, and knows how to utilize her resources if you have a query we cannot answer right away.

Chris de Jong

Chris is a father of three and loves spending time with his crew whenever they can get away for family fun.  He can be found roaming the tunnels and ball pits of many Calgary play centres trying to keep up to his kids!

He has been plumbing for over ten years and loves working within the service industry as it allows him to solve people’s problems and make long-lasting customer relationships by providing exceptional customer service.  As a side note, Chris is a self-proclaimed “Jeopardy junkie” and loves all things trivia.