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How I Found Trust in the Trades

You may be thinking, “You actually trust trade’s people?” The answer is “Yes, I really do! But there is more to my answer - let me explain.” When I was young, I developed a fear of people taking advantage of me. It guided my decisions even as a child because I really...

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The Aquality Granola Project

Did you know that Aquality Plumbing & Heating Vans are equipped with Granola Bars to help people we come across throughout our days on the roads?  If an Aquality Tech sees someone in need, they offer a Granola Bar from their van. It is that simple, as we have...

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Why You Should Have A Water Softener In Your Home

Calgary, do you really need a water softener?   Well, when it comes to safety, the answer in our opinion is no.  BUT, for many other health and proactive reasons, it is a definite YES!  Confused? Let us explain by some facts: Hard Water makes many people’s skin...

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Myth Buster: The Toilet Leak Dye-Test Doesn’t Work!

Toilet leaks may be an easy repair but sometimes detecting a leak can be the biggest part of the challenge, especially if it’s a silent leak.  Don’t be alarmed - there are many ways for you to check to see if your toilet is leaking, but the classic ‘leaking toilet...


Garburator or Compost?

Ever wonder why you should compost if you already have a garburator? Doesn't it all eventually end up back in mother earth anyway? Kitchen waste is a major part of composting and once we own a garburator, we become conditioned to scrape plates and put everything we...